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Yes, I think so. Can you say it again? It's two o'clock in the morning. She left here right away. Please give me a hamburger. My mother cooks well. Tom asked me how long my parents had been married before they separated. Why did you behave like that? My watch has been stolen. If you hadn't had my advice, you would have failed. Did you drive her home last night?
Hooka: - Can I carry this on the plane?
- Why is the train late?
- If there's anything else you need, just let me know.
- You need to hold down the button for about 3 seconds.
- We had no school on account of the typhoon.
- Everyone's saying it.
- I have nothing better to do.
- There is an urgent need for money.
- She accepted our invitation.
- It's not very expensive.
Have you figured out the cost? Can you repeat that please? The book is behind the table. Do you talk to your dog? Young people like popular music. You speak really well. What would you like to eat? I can't put up with that noise. I give up. It's really hot.

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