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I hung my coat in the hall closet. Your name please? He told me about it in private. You must be back by 10 o'clock. There's no evidence. I paid 2,000 yen for this atlas. Canada is north of here. Will it be fine tomorrow? It's my CD. I am looking forward to Christmas.
Download Autotunes: - I looked in my closet for something to wear.
- Did you see anybody there?
- My sister isn't studying now.
- Take me to the Marriott Hotel.
- The best cookies I've ever eaten are the ones that you mother baked for me.
- Tom served five days in jail last year after pleading guilty to drunken driving.
- He fell in love with her.
- She wrote him a long letter, but he didn't read it.
- I'm coming back on the 17th.
- What did you eat for breakfast?
Do you believe in love at first sight? He's active doing charity work. When a child, I used to go fishing with him. He acted like a madman. He doesn't always come late. I should head out. I'll be back at ten. He came back soon. I think it's time for me to put new bait on the hook. She's older than him.

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