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He is lying through his teeth. How long have you been here? How much should my daughter be eating? How long have you worked here? I don't mind if it's hot. Don't believe what she says. Try it. I read the New York Times. I couldn't catch what he said. Call me.
Royaye Ma: - Forget it.
- She lives with him in a small apartment.
- What's the website address?
- Me too. How late does the library stay open?
- Did he attempt?
- When is he reporting for duty?
- Come to my house at eight.
- She didn't run fast enough to catch the bus.
- Yesterday was my birthday.
- He knows how to play the piano.
Ask Sheela to shut up. I really need to get some things before I leave. Prices are rising. I think it's time for me to go. Seen from a distance, the big rock looks like an old castle. My son is taller than I am. Take a deep breath, please. Actually, I was just finishing some work. I haven't gone to bed yet. She has been dating him for about two years. Have you ever seen a whale?

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