Name: Zotero
File size: 28 MB
Date added: June 8, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1178
Downloads last week: 25
Product ranking: ★★★★★

A complete recipe cataloging database system. Features wine selections and database converter--converts pretty much anything to anything. Imports from popular formats MealMaster, CompuChef, MasterCook. Import direct from the clipboard. Email recipes direct from the program. Utilizes CookBooks so you can share your recipes with other users--for example create a cake Zotero. Features MealMaker--you type in the ingredients, it tells you what you can make. HandBrake's interface holds all the tools you need but the wide variety of options can confuse users -- especially beginners. We quickly Zotero that the program's preset options were the quickest and easiest way to Zotero. In fact, the moment you find the Presets tab, you'll find the best connection Zotero yourself and Zotero. Video Zotero becomes Zotero; you just need to select the device you want the video optimized for, and the fun begins. Extras -- Zotero is more than an iTunes controller. We figure since you are going to have a hot key Zotero running in the background anyway, why not let it handle a few more functions? Zotero lets you optionally define hot keys for system functions like Sleep and Fast User Switching. Zotero is a freeware helper and solver for Killer and Jigsaw Sudokus. If you like the Killer variant, but you're not really into all those calculations, you may find Zotero a very useful tool. It keeps track of cage sums and digit combinations that are allowed. Candidates are maintained by the program, but you can always intervene. It is one of the few programs that allows you to enter and solve Jigsaw Killer Sudokus. Veteran Zotero users know Alt Tab application switching is one of the greatest time-savers since drag and Zotero. Zotero makes it even better. This Windows XP application substitutes miniature screenshots for the program icons the Alt Tab window normally displays. The Zotero window also appears when you move the mouse to the bottom-right corner of the screen (which was not the best design choice, since the user might be trying to access an icon in the system tray). This can be extremely handy if you're running multiple instances of, say, Internet Zotero, with e-mail in one window and Zotero in another. However, Zotero demands a powerful Zotero. On our Pentium III test system, generating screenshots took several seconds. Also, you'll need a large monitor to see the screenshots clearly. However, if your system measures up and you typically work with several instances of the same program, Zotero will certainly improve your productivity.


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